Memo to remember

Memo to remember 1.51

Each time on unlocking, your writing is displayed.

Each time on unlocking, your writing is displayed.

This application is created for the students of the entrance examination or qualification test.

You can remember memos you write.


Make a memo of what you want to remember.

Remove the check from the check box "Display randomly on unlocking" if you do not want to see the memo on unlocking.

Choose the display preference on unlocking. You can choose from the following four patterns.

1. Title to Detail

2. Detail to Title

3. Title only

4. Detail only

If you write what you want to remember in this app, on each time that you unlock your terminal, it will be displayed.

If there is more than one memo, one memo is selected at random and it will be displayed.

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Memo to remember


Memo to remember 1.51